Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Hastily"? Really?

"Hastily." -That's a strong word, is it not? If one does something "hastily" it means that one did so with excessive speed; hurriedly, carelessly.

It thus struck me, at least at first, as somewhat odd that FoxNews twice in its article about Donald Trump's meeting with Mexican president Nieto chose to use that word to describe his quickly made and executed plans for that meeting.

Careless? In what way? To me -- especially after seeing the two men standing together at the press conference following their surprisingly lengthy meeting -- the word that came to mind was brilliant. Or, if the fact that the meeting was planned and executed quickly, without the months of planning such visits usually require, with dozens of front men pre-arranging every conceivable detail to avoid risk or (worse to a politician), embarrassment, how about this word: Nimble.

That FoxNews of all media sources chose such a word -- using it twice for emphasis -- seems to demonstrate once again both how frightened the ruling class has become -- what a threat Trump is seen to be to their hold on power -- and why, so completely out of the blue, Roger Ailes sexual misdeeds became an issue forcing him to step down as chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel, thus allowing the placement of a new CEO apparently more inclined to do the elites bidding.

There is a war going on friends. The outcome of which will effect each of our lives.

If Trump can win that war against the elites of both parties and their media abettors he will have proven himself to be more than nimble. He will have prove himself a leader that all who want to hold back America's return to greatness will have to reckon with.

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