Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crash and Burn?

Look at practically any media source and the message of this year's presidential election is already clear:  It's over.  Trump is cooked. He is ready to quit.  All that we see happening -- the crowds -- the rallies -- all of that is just momentum. Or it is just for show.

Is this true?

Frankly there is no way to really know.

In the past the media leaned left. That has been so for years. What stories were reported, and how thoroughly, depended on how well their being reported would help or hinder the left-leaning candidate.

But this year is something else altogether.  This election almost every word being written about the election has the appearance of being a pre-planned attack. And every story not being told is not being told for one of two reasons: Because it might help Donald Trump or because it might hurt Hillary Clinton.

That is not mere speculation. It is a fact. One noticed by many.  And yes, even written about -- with supposed justification -- by The New York Times.

The evidences of the above are too numerous to count, much less to point by point relate.  -Evidences of a common meme, provided in advance, to assure that all the media sources push and pull together towards a single, fully-unified, narrative. That Trump is a failure. That he is sure to lose.

The media's responses to Donald Trump's convention speech is one clear example.  It doesn't matter if you liked the speech or not, that speech could be described in a hundred different ways.  One could say, for instance, that it was "passionate." Or "intense" Or maybe "over the top." Or "long." Or "boring."  Yes, there were and are hundreds of adjectives you could use to describe it. But that was not what we saw.  No, to the media there was only one word to describe Trump's speech: It was "dark."

Are we really to think that was a coincidence -- that almost everyone described it just that way? With that single word - "dark"?

Then there is the ongoing theme of the day.  Yes, yes, it keeps changing. This theme today, that one tomorrow. But whatever it is -- that chosen theme -- it is everywhere.  "Donald Trump is looking for a way out."  "Trump cannot face losing." "Trump is ready to quit." 

The above theme is today's. (Look it up. It's everywhere.) And tomorrow's theme will be?  Who knows.  But whatever it is it will be seen everywhere.

And note: This is not just so with media that leans left. No. Trump is as much of a danger to those whose horses are hitched to "the right." So they are at it too. The same exact theme. Day after day after day. In sync. Every last one.

What does all this reveal about how Trump is actually doing?  Frankly, not much.  No more than did the words of earlier propagandists. Those of WWII's "Tokyo Rose" for instance. Or, more recently, those of "Baghdad Bob."

But does that mean that things are going better for Trump than we are being led to believe? Not necessarily, Again, we simply do not know.  Perhaps no one does? Or perhaps some do, but they are unwilling to say.

When Donald Trump became the actual candidate for the Republican Party there were for him, really, only three possibilities:

One, that he, as a total political novice, would completely and totally crash and burn.

Two, that he'd learn to play the game as he was supposed to play it.   -That he'd hire the party professionals to guide him -- buy all the supposedly necessary ad time (and pay them their commissions). -That he'd tailor his message to one they write and/or approve.  And then, having done so, he'd either go on to either win, or to lose. What did it matter?

Or three -- the unthinkable -- that he'd continue doing things his own way and by so doing, and winning, make fools of all of them.

Once one understands that there were only those three possibilities then it becomes clear why the the media -- every part of it, be they on the left or on the right -- had to be, just had to be, so completely united against him.

Let's say that scenario one, above, were to occur.  That Trump was simply to crash and burn. Well, so what?  At least from the political machine's POV.

In that case -- if Hillary wins -- the Dem machine benefits, yes. But the Republican machine still continues on, doing just fine.  They'd simply once again play the role of the "party of the opposition"  -- the "Washington Generals" to the always destined to win Harlem Globetrotters.  In that case the game goes on. Just as it did before.

And what if scenario two were to occur? -- if Trump was to learn to humble himself and listen to the party people -- to do things and say things their way? What then? The fact is that that would be okay then too. The system that feeds and nourishes the DC regulars would then go on just as before. If he loses -- well that's cool. And if he wins -- well that's fine too.  What difference does it make? After all, Romney lost. McCain lost.  So what? Which insider suffered?  In truth, none did..

But what if ... just what if... oh, my!... what if scenario three above was to come to pass? What if Trump was to continue doing things just as he has been doing them -- his way -- and if he were to win? What would happen to the insiders then? In either party?  So many jobs at risk!  All those well paid "experts" revealed to know nothing at all.

Bags packed.
Sent home.
Them jobless!

And what about all those "investors" who have invested so much in the status quo? In candidates. In their organizations. In deals. In all those new factories just completed "over there." What then?

So, yes, it has to be either possibility one or possibility two, doesn't it?  It simply has to be. Possibility three -- Trump winning and doing things as he says he is going to  do them -- that just has to be made impossible. Yes, it simply has to. No matter what it takes.

And so the headlines read -- all of them -- as they read.

"Trump is toast."
"Trump is ready to quit."
"Trump's supporters are losing hope." (Please! Please! They must!)

As to how the election is really coming together? That we cannot know.
We mustn't know.
We mustn't even be allowed to consider the possibilities.

No, Trump must crash and burn. And he must do so now.

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