Friday, August 12, 2016

But There Just Has To Be an Answer!

Yes, there just has to be. What do the experts suggest? Well let's see... We could use the law to insist that shop keepers sell stuff at a loss instead of making an ugly profit. And if that fails we could force people with a job to leave that job for up two months to do unpaid work in the fields. (That is what the "experts" in Venezuela have thus far tried.) Or we could give people's only occasionally used vacation homes -- you know, the ones in the mountains or by a scenic lake -- to poor "refugees." (That's what they are reportedly now doing in Sweden) Or we could suggest (just "suggest" mind you, at least for now) that everyone with a room to spare take in a refugee family to live with them. (As the experts are now "suggesting" people do in France) Or (no, this isn't from an "expert," just an "average person") we could let businesses operate as they have for thousands of years -- to fill their shops with food and other goods so they can sell them at a price sellers and buyers agree is fair. We could allow (and, yes, even encourage) people to plan and work out their own lives as they see fit, and then reap the rewards of wise choices and hard work or the consequences that come from carelessness and sloth. We could go back to minding our own collective business -- turn off those supposed "experts" -- and again start to trust our neighbor to figure out and do what is smart and good. We could again empower ourselves to say "sure, you are welcome to live in my community. These are our standards here..." The "experts" or us -- you and me -- someone has to have the answer!

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