Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Few Quick Thoughts on Last Night's Wonder

First is that it was just that: A wonder. America has once again, I truly believe, seen the grace of God.

History is not pretty. It is not Story Land. But the growth of freedom, and the enjoyment of it by more and more of the human family speaks to something great. Something too great for most of us to quite define.

America exists because over and over again the right leader was found -- sometimes in the seemingly most unlikely places -- to move the cause of liberty, and law, and equality under that law, ahead.

A gangly, witty, often self-deprecating -- but strong as steel --self-taught, back woods lawyer named Lincoln.

A physically disabled, but ever strong in spirit, millionaire who somehow felt for the common man, FDR.

A 'B-school' Hollywood actor who somehow -- judged by his works -- proved smarter than all the egg-heads of his generation, Ronald Reagan.

And now, yes. Donald J. Trump.

That is the hope. That is the promise.

His proven ability to do what others say is impossible is there for all to see. His strength. His energy. His rare and almost uncanny ability to sense the moment. His absolute unwillingness to lose. -These will now all be focused on healing our nation's wounds, correcting its someday (I truly expect) to be seen as unfathomable mistakes, and to opening up its door to opportunity for another generation.

Many, of course, are disappointed, dispirited and fearful. It is human nature to be more comfortable even with a demon that we know than to enter into the unknown.

To those feeling that way I say: Give Trump time. Try to get past your mistrust -- not by closing your eyes, but by keeping them open.

And as to Hillary Clinton, well please observe, painful as it may be to do so... Last night thousands of people who had entrusted her with their hopes, and in many cases poured themselves out on behalf of her dreams and promises, were sent home without her even deigning to make an appearance or give a personal word of thanks. Possibly -- just possibly -- has Kind Providence saved us from what that small "oversight" suggests?


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