Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pure "Rope-a-Dope!" Oh, What a Show!

Call it "The Great American 'The Joke's On You' Freak-Out!"  -All the fools -- and yes, that is what they are behaving like -- "fools" -- who got rope-a-doped by master deal maker Donald J. Trump before the general election and then did so again during the general election, are getting rope-a-doped once more. Will it be the last time?  I doubt it. Oh, what a show!

Are you finding it fun to watch? Or painful?

To me it is pure fun.  Pure "rope-a-dope" -- and being done to people who oh, so deserve it!

"Rope-a-dope" is a phrase said to have been coined by Muhammad Ali. It referred to a strategy he used to beat the considerably younger George Foreman in their heavyweight title fight in 1974.

What Ali did was lean way back against ropes -- something that made him appear to be totally helpless -- and let Foreman take one ineffectual swing at him after another. -Ineffective because being leaned back against the ropes as he was those otherwise mighty punches and jabs could not really have much affect. Well, except for this one: They totally tired Foreman out leaving him weak and ineffective.

That done, Ali pivoted away from the ropes, and "bam!" -- laid Foreman flat.

"Rope-a-dope" is exactly what Donald Trump is doing.  And no, it is not his only strategy -- but oh, it is proving an effective one.

During the primary season he used it, allowing one opponent after another to ineffectively swing at him until they had exhausted themselves. Each was 'knocked out' in turn. Then he used it again against Hillary, who ran ad after ad after ad against him to little effect, and then, on on election day, "Pow!" -- to borrow another out-of-time phrase -- "Right in the kisser."

Wouldn't his opponents learn?  It seems not. Because he is doing it again and these "fools" are again falling for it.

The "ropes" here are the long, elastic, lines of "niceness."  So Trump is being "nice" to Barack Obama -- thus, in analogy, appearing to himself accept being "on the ropes."  And the "dopes" are buying it.  Obama himself, of course.  Being the self-glorifying narcissist that he is I suppose he has to.

"Obama" Trump suddenly announces "is a very good man."  Uhuh. One that he intends to 'look to for counsel.  And Obama glows in satisfaction.

Obamacare -- something loathed by the American people and about to be totally removed and replaced -- has 'certain provisions,' Trump tells Obama and his obedient media dogs, that  "I like... very much."

Again, uhuh.

Even the right-leaning media is getting "rope-a-doped."  Or at least pretending to.

Take, for instance, Trump's announcement that he is appointing RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff. "We’ve gone from RINOs to Rinso in one election" cries talk show host Michael Savage. Is he totally unable to see the brilliant gamesmanship on display? --That of enlisting the head of the RNC to be on his team -- under the guidance of Stephen K. Bannon who will also be serving Trump as White House "chief strategist" and "senior counselor."  -This the same Stephen K. Bannon, who had served as executive director of the Breitbart web consortium.  Using one of the oppositions strongest 'punches' against them?

And why all this?  Lets pretend for a moment that we, too, are brilliant strategists...

"In this corner, with two more months left him to cause all sorts of mischief and grief, the Light Weight Champion of the World, wearing a supercilious smile, Barack Obama."

"And in this corner, about to be Heavyweight Champion of the World (but presently powerless apart from very cleverly steering things), wearing an impish grin, the Great and Masterly Donald J. Trump.

Yup, pure "rope-a-dope."

Swing away Ex-Leader(s) of the Free World.

Ain't this fun to watch?  Ain't it?


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