Sunday, November 27, 2016

The New Word Games of the Oh, So Busy, "Thought Police"

It has long been understood that the ability to control the conversation equated with the ability to control how most people think.  Not just their opinions, but the very words and language of their thoughts.

Back when all the media was owned by the Great Whoever such language use and control could be, and was, subtle.  And since the words and expressions the media sources all used was the only language most everybody read and heard the language of thought was amazingly consistent across the nation.

The opening of new media sources where one could see and hear different ideas -- sources outside of mainstream control -- meant that controlling thought was less easy. New tools such as the creation of PC "forbidden" words and topics were created, or, more often, old and commonly understood words were given a brand new meaning.

Suddenly people were said to be "homophobic." Not just a few -- but many. Even those who rarely thought about sexuality much at all.

"Racist" too!  And again that included masses of people who never thought (or cared) about race at all.

Resistance to all of the above has led to the creation of new categories of thought, newer yet words and phrases, and common thoughts turned into memes -- all with the same intent: To control what we each think. To make it (and us) uniform. And "safe." Especially that: Safe. For the Powers That Be.

Once one becomes aware of these new word games they can actually become rather fun to play -- Or to refuse to play.  More fun even than acrostics, anagrams and cross-word puzzles!

One of my own favorites is Finding the Media's Word of the Day.

Today, for instance, there are two. "Gerrymandering" and "Russian."

The first of the two is the new explanation of why the 'favored side' lost the recent election.  If you don't know the word "gerrymandering" just put on most any Sunday talk show.  You soon will! Yes, they are all into it!

The word "Russian," of course, isn't  new at all.  Its a oldie given a new life.

The word "Russian" started getting a new lease on life when WikiLeaks started doing a number on the Hillary campaign. And now it is being put forth with the equivalent of a flashing red (appropriate color that!) warning light -- especially by the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post. Glen Greenwald gives the WaPo's game away here.  Give it a read!  (Then give it a play.)  :D

Then there is that other new game: "Phrase of the Day.

"Fake News" is a biggie right now. And it is designed to come with a double 0 number -- i.e., with a License to Kill.  (As in "Kill that idea! Quick! It's dangerous to us!!!")

The Fake News game is being especially pushed by Facebook, but it is being played by several other well known groups and people as well.  NPR, for instance, is getting into it in a big way.

Call something or some source Fake News and who will complain if you silence it.  Right?

Clever dudes.

Evil dudes.

One of my favorite ways of getting in on the current games -- and this without having to actually play them myself -- is to simply read the email and FB postings of a few self-serious FB friends. Mostly people on the left, but some, too, that favor the right.

I just look for a not quite common word or phrase that is suddenly appearing in several of their posts. -Then I Google the word and find it's hidden lair.

Typically that will be one or other other of the big media outlets -- and quite usually many or all of them.

Yes, the LOVE this game too!

If you are into word games this is one that you will enjoy.  "Find the Word."  Oh, and give yourself extra points for finding its source!

Any of these games is fun to play on your own, but could be yet more fun if one was to get several sharp-witted friends to play it together. Call it "Expose the Wordsters."

Find the word, find the source, and then make it public.  Henceforth refuse to use that word at all -- or, maybe better, give it a new meaning all your own.

You know. Like Hillary did when she created the word "Deplorables."

Now THAT was original!  Pretty good for someone who is anything but a Master. At anything.



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