Thursday, August 11, 2016

OMG! Did You Hear What Trump Just Said?

It seems to me that what Trump actually says is not the cause of the constant brouhaha. He could say that he's glad the sun is out and the reaction would be little different. "Trump eggs on global warming deniers" would read the headlines.

None of this is to me unexpected. What is is the way those who feed at the Republican side of the trough jump in with their equally absurd charges.

Of course their taking that side is not really new. They did the same as the left took over the schools and universities, stopped controlling our borders and made moral imperatives of what just months or years before would have been seen as complete absurdities.

Trump may not speak in my favored "style," but he speaks truths that need to be spoken. And he speaks them in the language average working Americans clearly understand.

No, the fault is not with Donald Trump. It belongs to the long-term compromisors.

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