Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Music

The blog is largely about ideas.  Things that I think about.  And also, to a lesser degree, about my life and the people I have the privilege and joy of sharing it with.

But my life is also about the arts -- both visual and music. So I think to make this blog complete I really ought to be posting some of those things here as well. For friends. For family. For posterity. For whatever.

Fortunately we today have YouTube and thus the ability to share things -- informal, quickly put together performances made with a smart phone camera, such as these -- is easy.  What's lacking in quality is somewhat made up for (hopefully at least) by spontaneity.

Here, then, then are a few quick videos of me and my guitar..

First a couple of original songs which I wrote, and here perform, along with a programmable electronic accompaniment unit that I call "The Black Box Band"...

"This Ain't Lovin'"...

And another, also an original, entitled "On and On (She Keeps Goin')"...

I also have a love for "surf music" and its late fifties, early sixties, precursor: instrumental rock. Indeed it was the love for these sounds that got me playing guitar in the first place.

Songs such as this one -- The Ventures' 1959 hit "Walk Don't Run"...

And this somewhat later surf classic entitled "Mr. Moto"...

These days I largely play for myself.  And that knowing that time and age are taking a bit of a toll on my ability to do so.

But still, the pleasure of playing remains for me as real as it ever was.


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