Friday, June 9, 2017

WTF Just Happened in the UK?

Okay, I am no expert in UK politics. Far from it. But that never prevents the media from offering thoughts and opinions -- in their case as facts. So, what the hell -- I'll share a few.

Looking at the UK we see a similar pattern that we are seeing here in the USA. And that pattern represents the frustration of the citizens who may not follow every detail about the daily this-n-that -- and who may seem to be swinging every which way like a magnet that has forgotten how to point north. But the people there have basically come to see that they have been being led by people who themselves are completely lost.  What the people are experiencing is a continuing series of -- pardon my Gaelic -- WTF?s.

The PM thought she had things sown up. Enough to call for an early election to lock in her power. Then the latest examples of Islamic barbarism hit and it, for the moment at least, got the people's attention.

Here they -- the nations' voters -- had a supposedly "conservative"  government, led by a supposedly "conservative" Prime Minister, and yet they saw that even the most basic thing -- the safety of the nation -- was not be "conserved."  WTF?

The left pointed out that the PM, in her last major government assignment, had reduced the number of 'bobbies on the beat -- the perfect bleat! -- and effectively turned the people away from her.

Deservedly?  Who can say?

But in truth there was a "bobby" on the scene of the latest horror and he had in fact proved himself to be a heroic defender of public safety -- almost losing his life trying to bring down the miscreants. Alas, as is the case with most British policeman, he was unarmed.  (WTF2)

Adding to the public consternation is the fact that as it turns out the government knew the "bad guy" way before  he committed this particular horror -- he'd been photographed celebrating 'whatever' in a public park with an ISIS flag. And what exactly had the government done about it? Exactly nothing.  (WTF3)

So the votes in yesterday's election were cast willy-nilly -- no one getting enough support to authoritatively take charge.

In other words nothing is going to be done. Again. In other words two, nothing in fact has actually  changed -- except another do nothing pol has lost a bit of face.

So now the left -- claiming the very real failure of the PM to get the control she thought was hers (sound familiar?) was for them a great victory -- feel free to push their programs yet harder.  Programs the enlarge the, shall we say, "risk factors" the public will be in the future facing.  More "refugees." More restriction on what the British public can say about it. No restrictions that matter for those who have no belief in the fundamental principles that had once made Great Britain "great."

What they do not have there -- much to their loss -- is what we have here. A "don't give a damn for your freakin' niceties" leader intent on "Making Great Britain Great Again."

No, but they do have the same circus we have. -A media ready to scream bloody murder at everyone. (Well, apart from actual bloody murderers.)

Where is their Trump when they need him?

So I'll say it one more time...



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