Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trump vs. the Plutocrats

In turning away from the Paris Climate Accord Trump once again shows that he sees things that others either cannot, or will not, see: The pivot point in the central issue of our time -- the ongoing war between the interests of the 'common' people and those of the plutocrats. That is the reason why the attack on Trump for his stand on America's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord has become a shrill and all-encompassing pile on. Trump knows where the fulcrum point is. He is skillfully applying pressure there. And, as usual, he is explaining what he is doing in words that the work-a-day crowd understands, and the elites do not. It is the continuation of what started in the Republican primaries and November election. A series of one "inexplicable" victory after another, accompanied by the confusion and anger of those who thought -- not without seemingly good reason -- that they held, and would continue to hold, complete control over the world of men. Idiot comedian Kathy Griffin so well represents this. She, like the coastal (and, now, international) elites, saw herself standing on the top of the world, smugly holding a fake severed head aloft. And then -- a mere nano-second later -- standing with her attorneys. Giving faux apologies. Making excuses. In tears. Thank you President Trump.
Posted on American Thinker, June 6, 2017

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