Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Simple Non-Formula for a Safe, Peaceful and Prosperous Community

Since I was a teen I have been reading and hearing that the answer to our having safe, peaceful, prosperous communities was x, y, z and z+. And I've watched society as a whole strain to fulfill those supposed requirements.. And all the while things have been getting less safe, less peaceful and less prosperous. "No! No! You have to do it more. You have to do it better! You have failed." -So say those same people in voices ever more scolding.

Since I have been a full adult -- which has meant no longer having to listen to such "teachers" -- I have found that such safe, peaceful and prosperous communities already exist. And while what they have in common often includes at least a bit of x, y, z and z+, their success in reaching the goals of safety, peace and prosperity has largely depended on other, less complicated and formulaic, things.

Basically these:

Most everyone living in the community pays for their own housing.

Most everyone lives in a close and caring family. Moms, dads and kids.

Children and young adults exercise their minds, study their lessons, go as far through formal schooling as their abilities allow, all the while looking to do other things as well. Music. Sports. The arts. Church and/or community activities.

Moms love and teach their children.
Dads counsel, discipline and teach their children.
Moms and dads stay together -- often in deep and abiding love, in other cases "for the kids."

Babies come after marriage.

And that's about it. Nothing complex. Nothing out of reach of most anyone who aspires towards such things.

And it works. No excuses. No "if onlys."

The funny thing is that it always has. Generation after generation.

Now, why couldn't I have been taught that? Why did I need to discover it for myself?

Those questions aren't hard to answer either. But the answers make a lot of people very, very angry. So largely I just live all the above -- along side others that choose to do the same.. And let the losing battles be fought elsewhere.


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