Saturday, October 8, 2016

Some Thoughts on Trump's "Indiscreet" Words

Odd. Maybe I am odd. But while I loath this type of talk -- and I, like I suppose every man on God's good green earth has heard lots of it -- I think that it is in reality a bunch of trumped-up nonsense.

Maybe the pundits are correct. -That the world of make-believe is that real and the power of the media to feed and control people's brains that strong.

I listened to Trump's response and thought it perfect. He is what he is and we right now desperately need that strength. That "alpha male" thing.

Such used to be called simply manliness. Guys spoke this way at pubs and then put their life on the line for their wife, mothers and sisters. That while keeping picture of Betty Grable in their tent, undressing her further in their mind's eye than the times then allowed in a picture.

Now its all namby pamby. Pajama boy. Obama on his bicycle with his little helmet.

Are there enough of the above to sway this election so totally? Perhaps.

Seeing frightened Republicans turn and run -- "OMG! OMG!" -- is sad. It is pathetic. It is they that got us here. They, IMO, more than anyone else.

I don't care for that kind of speech. And in the office I avoided it as best I could. But I'd rather have a Trump than these others.

Yes, even now.

Can we get 51% to agree?
Are we willing to try. Really, really try?
On this the Republic stands or falls.



  1. More than one thing is responsible for Trump. But I would have to agree that, in large part, it is due a backlash against Political Correctness.


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