Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"Oh, Chicago!"

The death count from the insanity that is Chicago's gang-filled inner-city continues to rise. (74 shot, 11 dead -- just this past weekend -- including victims aged 11,  12 and 13). The Mayor's response it to try to push through a Black Lives Matter/ACLU drafted change in how the city is policed that follows those organization's favored principles.

Meanwhile the pattern of mayhem continues to spread.

New York City, still relatively safe (as it has be since the Giuliani/Bratton team raised the cost of even minor crime in the city back in the `90s), is now seeing an increase in the type of crime that is destroying the quality of life in large parts of Chicago.

Baltimore now has an even higher rate of blood letting than does Chicago -- brought on largely by the same anti-policing strategies pushed by the BLM movement and the ACLU.

Stronger policing, not weaker policing, is what is needed.  But in truth even that is at best a stop-gap measure -- one that can only hope to slow the spread of the ever increasing death and destruction.

Is a real, lasting, solution possible? What would such require?

Manhattan Institute Fellow Heather Mac Donald cuts to the chase when she writes in today's City Journal...

"Policing is only a second-best solution to the anarchy in inner-city communities. The best solution is a culture of marriage that expects boys to take responsibility for the children they conceive."

She continues... "As long as more than three-quarters of Chicago’s inner-city children are raised without their fathers, black-on-black violence will continue."

But years of closely following this story tell her that politicos and media will pay little attention.  Or not at least until "the numbers are too egregious to ignore."

Aren't seventy plus shootings over one weekend in one city "egregious" enough?

Apparently not.

Just think of who politically controls these cities -- and has largely done so for several generations.  Then none of the above, as terrible as it is, is reason for surprise. For it is they, more than anyone else, that have created the inner city culture that is making life in key parts of America increasingly hellish.


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