Tuesday, July 3, 2018

An Overdue Apology

It struck me while reading the unreported parts of the "news" how really unbalanced my own thinking and writing has been. I mean it's fine to be glad about low unemployment across the board and such, but aren't business owners, factory managers, shipping directors -- aren't those people Americans as well? Shouldn't I really be considering their plight too? After all its not just workers that are having to deal with the changes since the Trump economy exploded. These peoples' problems also are real!

Think of group one, above. Those business owners. With demands on them growing what is going to happen to their summer vacation plans? Its easy to say we don't care -- but these are often family people. "Sorry honey -- gotta tell the kids -- there is no way I can join you like we planned on that vacation. The phone -- it's now ringing twenty-four/seven. Three of my top managers have left for higher paying jobs. Even my admin assistant has left me. Someone has to answer those calls. And someone has too figure out how to get all those orders filled. Its all falling on me. Day after day after day!. Vacation? I can't even think of taking timer off!"

The fact is that those business owners' plight is real and its simply not fair to ignore them or pretend it doesn't matter just because they are rich and getting richer.

Then there are those factory managers I mentioned above. Do we realize the stress these changes in the economy is putting on them?

"More and more and more! They keep demanding more! Bigger orders that they need now, always now!. I mean what do they expect me to do with the warehouse filled one day and emptied out by the next? It takes time to find skilled workers. Such don't just get in line any more -- begging for work."

"I put up ads and the few who answer them look at our wage and benefit packages and say 'are you kidding me? I can get 40% more just up the street.'"

"And then there is the enlargement of the factory floor. We rented that space out to the welfare office and signed a ten year contract with them. They may no longer need it, but they've got it and we're stuck with no place to expand. -And even if we can find the space that doesn't immediately solve the problem. Manufacturing equipment orders now have to go in months in advance. It like the fifties again and I'm no longer a young man."

"God I miss those golf afternoons!"

And then there are the shipping directors. "We need trucks! We need truck drivers! There are none anyplace! What am I supposed to do -- drive the rigs myself?"

"Oh, and the overtime we are paying. Two or three times what we used to pay during the Christmas rush -- and its Summer -- the supposedly slow time of the year."

So to all you business owners, plant managers, shipping directors -- please accept my apology for ignoring your plight. And anyone else, too, who is being run ragged by what is happening in our nation.

But hang on -- Trump only has, likely, six more years. With any luck at all you get some typical political schmo into the White House then and we'll all finally be able to get some rest.


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