Sunday, February 12, 2017

Donald Trump -- "My Man"?

I've been enjoying a private conversation that this morning sort of reached a critical point -- a point I thought worth sharing.

The friend -- and he is a friend, a person whom I respect. One who has made many choices different from my own and come to some rather different conclusions about what is good for the human family and where its future better lies. Anyway, the friend, who says he in fact agrees with many of my observations about mankind's common plight, still... well I'll just quote him...

     "I agree with much of what you say but think it ludicrous that you believe DT is your man."

To which I offered this (very slightly edited here) response...

"I don't think in terms of Donald Trump being "my man."  But I do see him as being two things: The single voice who was able to see what was important to the many -- that the no-borders Davos crowd was swamping their hopes and dreams.  And who has what to me are unfathomable skills -- and the balls! -- to fight against all the entrenched powers.

That such should not be needed is I think for both of us a given.

But... have you ever been bullied?

Think of the peaceful studious or arty kid being constantly ridden by the jocks.  Then imagine that the "authorities" no longer care about protecting such. -That all the rules are there to allow the bullies to hold sway -- that while hiding behind nice words.

Then another tough street fighter appears. And he for whatever reason stands with and for the bullied and not the bullies.

That is what so many movies of the `70s were about. Dirty Harry. The Charles Bronson films.

One watches those films and roots for Dirty Harry. Did you never do so?

Why?  Because he is "nice"? "Sweet"?  "Innocent"?

No. Because the bullied *finally* have one of their own.


And, no, they don't disown him and turn against him when he shows he is what he is. A rude, crude, tough street fighter.

You have been in with the bullies.  Maybe not even realizing it.  So are many, many of the Upper West Side set that thrive on The New Yorker.

Their kids don't go to the public schools.
Their building have a door man.
They travel in closed in, safe, protected and quiet limousines.
Their wealth comes from the upper reaches that rewards... what?  Think about it.
And it is all  comfortably hidden under polite conversation. Even their wrinkles are hidden by hours and fortunes spent to that end.

Live among such and you'd better agree with them on everything. They tolerate no brooking of accepted thought.  And their tongues are sharp.

And then there is Donald Trump. The Queens ruffian. He who for years and years beat those people over and over and over again at their own game.

And now he is fighting for the people.

And yes, he really is.

Why? Pure motive?

I actually think so, yes. To the extent that anyone does. He made his fortune and now wants to be something more.

But does it really matter?  The point is he is doing it."

And yes, to me that is the point.  He is DOING IT.


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