Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Fake News" - Can You Believe It?

"Everything" is a big deal today. "Everything" is worthy of network news alerts. Reams of digital paper and barrels of digital ink are used to cover the story 24/7.  -As if our lives depended on the networks doing so.

Every storm is life threatening. Every act of a miscreant puts all of society in danger. News Flash! News Flash!

Haven't you noticed?

Except what I said above isn't true. No, not even half of it.  For in fact only certain news stories get the News Flash treatment. And which stories those are is determined by how each fits the desired narrative. -Which one move forward the stories favored by the media itself.  Yes, and their masters.

Now there is a new, and especially loud, "hue and cry" --  as in earlier times the calls alerting the people to an impending danger, and/or calling for the capture of an evil doer -- was called. But this time the supposed danger is those who will no longer play along. Or of those who insist on bypassing the official town criers and insist upon having a voice of their own.

That the media and those who empower it are frightened by this trend is fully understandable. Probably there is no greater danger to such keeping things as they are then having the official heralds ignored. Or, worse, laughed at.

Thus the current cry of an impending danger: That of "fake news." And the call to silence those to share it.

The laugh here is to be found on two levels. One is the "who," the other the "what" of the "fake news" story.

When the old dog media daily passed the accepted word of their masters that the then newly proposed health insurance law (now called "Obamacare") was going to reduce the average family's healthcare costs by $2500 a year and require no sacrifice in personal choices as to care -- this despite the fact that such was known to be false by those writing the law, and by at least some of those sharing what has proved to be total falsehoods -- that was not "fake news."  No, it was just...  Well it was just something that happened.  A mistake. ("oops")

When the accepted meme was put forth by all the officially sanctioned criers that Donald Trump had no chance at all of becoming president -- and all the stories were printed and posted telling us why that was so -- that was not "fake news" either.   No, it was just... just... just.... Yes, more of the same. Another "mistake."  (oops again)

But what about the sources that were writing and saying what contradicted this supposed "real" and true news --that accurately foretold events, be it about the costs of Obamacare or the outcome of the recent election? They, we are being told, are "fake." And as such are about to be banned from places such as Facebook's news feed and Google's searches. (As, indeed, they have long been from the pages of the NY Times, the Washington Post, and many of the lesser sycophant news sites such as Yahoo News and the Huffington Post.

What can be done about this?

The Man of the Hour -- the about to be President of the United States, Donald J. Trump -- has an answer. One  that is working very well for him.  He simply makes news and spreads it himself via midnight tweets and direct-to-the-viewer YouTube videos -- many of which he broadcasts live on his own, and other supporting, Facebook pages. -Tweets, videos and live presentations seen and followed by in some cases hundreds of thousands of readers,viewers and listeners.

"Boo hoo hoo."  That is the new cry and hue. This time a wail of self-pity by the miscreants themselves -- those self-appointed heralds who also have seen themselves as defenders of the city gates-- the official media

Gates erected to keep out whom?

More and more would answer "us" -- we the people. Yes, and simple truth.

Only time will tell how effective at silencing truth this "fake news" meme will be.

And only actual "fake news" would deny any of what is written above.


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  1. Very interesting Don, I hve suspected more snd more that sinister undertones are at play


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