Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some Personal Thoughts About Donald Trump

Okay, I instinctively loath the man. Let me just clearly say that up front. He represents everything in our culture that makes me turn away. Cheap shots. Emotionalism. Egotism. Ignorance. Bullying. The equating of wealth with everything and anything apart from what it actually is: Having wealth.
But on the other hand we do live in a "democracy." -A nation where the government is supposed to be "of the people, by the people and for the people." And yet more and more it has become none of those things.
Who are "the people"? They are the 'everyman.' Not the experts. Not the rich and powerful. Not some politically-created, but otherwise non-existent, singular entity made up of various minority groups brought together by the promise of spoils.
Yet it is the later that has been for a good number of years leading America. And that pretty much equally so under the administration of both the political parties.
Trump is not that "everyman." Indeed I do not even think he has their interests at heart. But then again, neither do those in the power structures: The politicians, their financial backers, their supposed "experts" or the media.
And here is a very important catch: Those "everybody/nobodies" that none of the above gives a damn about are increasingly favoring Donald Trump. And Trump is stymieing all the above mentioned power brokers and all that they are doing in an attempt to crush him and destroy that favor.
Does this make the people "right" or "wise" in their giving Donald Trump support? No. No more than Italy's people were "right" or, as history demonstrated, "wise" when they entrusted their future to Benito Mussolini, the historical figure whose public persona to my eyes most closely matches that of "The Donald."
But what do I know? I don't share the everyman's taste or common viewpoints. I don't watch much TV. I share none of the common passion for sports. I have no particular fondness for today's social conventions or sympathy for any recent cause de jour.
So I sit and watch. Somewhat amused. Slightly frightened. Just as I was when the great masses supported someone else I saw as equally unqualified for the presidency -- Barack Obama.
Is Trump another disaster in the making? I think so, yes. But I am just one voice, one vote - and that is as it should be in a nation of, by and for the people -- plural.
And I have to admit one other thing: That I, like so many others, am enjoying seeing a man who has the guts and the means and, yes, the smarts to give the middle finger to so many who so well deserve it.
There will be, indeed, interesting days ahead.
I only hope we as a people can enjoy them.

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