Monday, December 21, 2015

An FYI to the RNC

Dear Republican National Committee,

I am no longer so naive as to think that my thoughts matter enough to you to actually be read and thought about, but am sending them anyway, perhaps out of my own  (apparently out-of-date) sense of duty and obligation.

I am a long term Republican approaching my 70th year. I've contributed to the Party, and more often to individual candidates, in every election cycle for as long as I can remember. Not large amounts, but for a person of my means, significant. "Out of my want, not my surplus" in Biblical terms.  In short, I shall do so no more.  The Ryan "Omnibus" bill compromise was for me the last straw. Truly, and I expect, permanently.

Do you know how many there are such as I?  Do you care?  Does Trump's outlandish "success" teach you nothing?

Every election for years it has been the same. Promises that "this year it will be different." But it never is.  Now I will no longer be looking to the Republican Party. I no longer believe we share a common interest in preserving what I value, and  what this country as a whole once valued.

Obama. Hillary. You have folded over and over to them -- and, I suppose, to what you perceive as your own interests.  Not my interests.  Not others like me -- hard working, involved, dedicated to traditional American values such as individual liberty, family, faith -- all those quaint but now apparently to you meaningless notions.

So I am gone.  Republican candidates' election flyers will follow those of the Democrats (and the AARP) into the trash. I will from here on in concentrate on my own personal interests. The things that matter to me and that pay some dividend for expended energy. Books. History. Science. The arts.

Gone. Completely, Forever.

Got it?

  * * * * *

The above thoughts were submitted to the Republican National Committee on Saturday, Dec 19th. As expected there was no response.

The above was also submitted, with permission to publish, to a widely-read national political web journal. There it was read, not only by the journal's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, but by several others of its editorial staff. A lively discussion ensued.

In the end it was decided that it would be better not to publish it, for if such a viewpoint were encouraged, and was to become common place, the election of Hillary Clinton would be assured, and along with it all the damage to our Republic that would/will by course follow.

The journal's editors were not wrong.

Alas (sigh), neither am I.


  1. As is so often the case Don, a pretty good synopsis of my feelings. While I don't have your longevity, the gist of the matter is true. How many times does the RNC/PTB have to pull a 'Lucy' and move the ball; landing the working, living and patriotic Americans flat on their backs. For the past several (multiple) election cycles both congressional and presidential, NONE of the RNC/PTB promises have been kept in any way, shape or form. The difference between the anti-American Socialist/Communists (aka the Democratic party) and the minutely less anti- American Socialists(the Republican Party) is so infinitesimal, as to be negligible. 'Nuff said!

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  3. I suppose it is what we should expect. Sadly. That people would look out for their own selfish interests. That is what people do.

    When Ryan was working on passing the so-called Omnibus Bill he DID fight for what he saw was important, and then bragged about it.

    What was that? Getting Pres. Obama to allow US oil producers to sell their product overseas.

    Not a bad thing by any means. But if you are going to limit your battle to just one subject while ignoring the others, how do you choose which battle to fight? The answer is pretty standard: You fight for what matters the most to you. Or for the people who matter most to you.

    And that is no longer those who our nation's founders referred to when the wrote "we the people." No. To the parties (both of them) its their own select 'beltway' somebodies and the monied interests on both coasts.



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