Monday, July 7, 2014

My Articles for PJ Media's "Lifestyles"

The 10 Best Sherlock Holmes Mysteries  7-19-2014

The Top 10 Film Noir Classics   7-7-2014

The Top 10 Surf Songs of the Sixties  6-28-2014

10 Awful, Terrible, Frightening Things That Are Going to Kill Us All (But Somehow Never Do)  6-26-2014

The Top 10 Influences that Made the Baby Boomers Who They Are  6-21-2014

Looking Back, What Are We To Make of Sgt. Pepper’s?  6-17-2014

The Technology That Led To Rock and Roll, Part 3  6-16-2014

Taking the Time Out to See  6-9-2014

The Technology That Led To Rock and Roll, Part 2: The Guitar Amplifier  6-3-2014

The Poor Man’s Ferrari  5-28-2014

What Exciting New Technology Led to Rock ‘n’ Roll?  2-21-2014

Art for Whose Sake?  5-19-2014

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