Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some Thoughts on the Obama Administration's "Temporary" Refugee Camps

So, the Obama Administration is now setting up "temporary" refugee camps on domestic military bases, these to house the thousands and thousands of youths crossing our southern border. They say this is "compassionate." Is it?
Something similar was done for Palestinians in 1948. Those "temporary" refugee camps are still there.
Here is how one visitor recently described what he saw...
"Entering the refugee camp, I feel I am entering some medieval ghetto. I walk along a narrow alleyway, skirting an open sewage ditch. I pass tens of dozens of one- and two-room houses, each leaning on the other for support. I am in a ghetto without streets, sidewalks, gardens, patios, trees, flowers, plazas, or shops—among an uprooted, stateless, scattered people ... in a tragic diaspora. I pass scores of small children, the third generation of Palestinians born in the ghetto."
How can this possibly end well? It will not. But Obama and his cronies can't face making a difficult (read: "manly") decision. Their "compassion" won't allow it.

How will it end? Most likely the way all such irresponsible actions end. Months, or, more likely, years from now, the American people will once again be called on to be "compassionate" and a political debate will start on how to deal with the unfortunate position of these innocent "dreamers."  Until then they will sit and rot -- forgotten by the media and ignored by a government who wants no reminders on where their lack of vision and unwise management has taken us.

If that is "compassion" -- if that is "caring" -- then those words have taken on an entirely new meaning.

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