Saturday, August 3, 2013

Truly This and That

Once again, it being Saturday (It's fun to start a tradition!), today's blog is going to be truly "this and that" - some short observations that I've been thinking about, some of which I'll likely go into in greater depth in later blog entries. 

First up...

The disappearing art of taking responsibility for ourselves

If you are a young person whatever is just is. It is normal. But if you are older and have kept your eyes open you get to see changes in that "normal."  Some good, some not, others inconsequential or perhaps presently beyond fair evaluation.

One change that I have seen -- and seen coming on for some time -- that I definitely see as NOT GOOD is the growing tendency among people of all ages, and all walks of life, to cast blame for their disappointments and, to put it bluntly, failures.

So many, many lives are messed up. So many families are in disarray. So many people seem to be living a life "on hold" waiting for the operator to connect them to their future. ("Press one if you wish to be happy" "Press two to get a life")

This is sometimes a pattern of thinking -- or unthinking -- that was taught in youth.  "Oh, let mommy do that for you." That's fine when you're four, not so fine when your fourteen or twenty-four.

Officialdom, often looked to as surrogate parents, take the same line. Counselors and therapists are on call 24/7.  "Ah, let me kiss it and make it better."

It matters not that such quite often mean well. What does matter is the end result. Look around you. Like what you see?

People, in simple terms, need to take charge of their own lives.  And what is sad is that most can! They just don't know it.

Cops at War

Once upon a time in a place called America the police were part of the community. They walked the beat, aiding the community -- their neighbors and friends -- and when necessary protecting it from harm.
Yes, such policemen and policewomen still exist, but they go against the trend. Today police seem to view themselves as a standing army looking for an opportunity to deploy.

In some cases the creation and use of such a police force comes from above -- the political arena -- where the idea of being a servant of the people has long seemed lost. But in other cases it seems more a matter of the cops themselves wanting to play war.

There are more and more episodes of such appearing in the news - and probably far more that don't appear at all.  But perhaps the most glaring example is here. If you haven't read about "Giggles" here is your chance.

If we don't find this episode disturbing then we may be beyond help as a free society.

That officialdom sanctions or excuses such a thing tells us that in increasing numbers they already are.


In a final word I'd like to thank readers of Don's TnT who have been sharing it with friends. That is so much appreciated!

See you next week!

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